ACMA only brings you the best. Our accomplished group of in house instructors are complimented by regular guest instructors who rate as some of the most recognizable names in the Martial Arts World.

ACMA Instructors 

Shihan Vito Brancaccio
Simply put, head instructor Shihan Brancaccio has been trained by the best:

  • Karate: 6th degree black belt under renowned 9th degree Hanshi Cezar Borkowski
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Canada's only Machado BJJ blackbet under John Machado (nephew of the sports founder: Carlos Gracie)
  • Boxing: Amateur boxer under former accomplished trainer Peter Manfredo Sr.
  • Kali & Jun Fan Gung Fu: Instructor under the legendary Guro Dan Inosanto
  • Combat Submission Wrestling: Instructor under founder Erik Paulson

With those years of discipline have come years of accomplishment a gold medal in Karate for Canada in the 1989 and a silver medal in the 1993 New England Golden Gloves Tournament.

Since retiring from active competition, Vito has put his heart and soul into helping thousands of men, women and children achieve their personal goals. He is a rare combination of skill and passion who gives everything he has to his students. 

Renshi Kimberley Brancaccio
Just like her husband, Renshi Kim Brancaccio has dedicated the last 28 years of her life to Martial Arts and fitness. A 4th degree Black Belt in Karate, she has also studied Capoeira in Brazil, and is a certified yoga instructor. In keeping with her personal philosophy of maintaining a healthy mind and body through activity and variety, her classes range from high energy carido kick boxing to calm, relaxing, yet challenging yoga. Take any of her classes and you will she that she is a teacher who is passionately committed to her students. She believes anyone can benefit from martial arts young and old and it will definately be a life altering experience for all who try. 

For Renshi Brancaccio, "the most satisfying part of teaching is seeing my students excel beyond what they believe are their limits or capabilities."

Sensei Michael Kovacs
On his 7th birthday Sensei Kovacs was given a life altering gift: Karate lessons at ACMA. One of the schools first members he has since climbed his way to a 3rd degree black belt, a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and has competed as an armature boxer. Regardless of age or ability, he believes that a combination of ambition, enjoyment and discipline are what will truly allow one to embrace and benefit from the world of martial arts. 

Ask him about his 7th birthday yourself and you’ll always get the same passionate response of “It is undoubtedly the best gift I ever received!"

Sensei Amanda Galle
A living example of how children who start early can achieve great things. Amanda started training at ACMA at age 6. By age 11 she had already achieved her first degree black belt, her second at 14 and her third at 17. At 15 she made her amateur boxing debut (under the tutelage of Shihan Brancaccio) and knocked out her competition in the first 30 seconds. Her record stands at 11-0 with 4 KOs which includes a 2009 National Championship title and and Final Team Selection tournament victory.

Since the age of 14 Amanda has loved teaching children Karate and is currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program at Ryerson. 

Sensei Sheldon Rodrigues
Sensei Rodrigues' father enrolled him at ACMA when he was 13 for a common reason: to keep him out of trouble after school. He soon learned that martial arts is more than just fighting. He learned it  is an art that is learned with control and self discipline. Within  a short time, his life had changed. He was more active, had more energy than ever and was doing much better in school. As he progressed in karate, so did he in life. A graduate of the University of Guelph he has also achieved a 2nd degree black belt and is one of ACMA's most caring and nurturing instructors. 

Sensei Allison Kirke
A favorite instructor of our younger students, Sensei Kirke is a second generation ACMA student  (her father was one of ACMA's first students). She began her training at age 11 and has climbed a way to 2nd degree Black Belt. Sensei "Lali" as she is affectionately, know credits the school for helping her mature and build confidence though her teenage years and adult life. These days she is also a nursing student at York University while helping others the same way the school helped her.

Sensei  Tomasz Trojanowski
Next to Shihan Brancaccio, Senei Trojanowski is ACMA's most accomplished instructor. He is a former ISKA & KICK North American Kickboxing Champion and previously ranked #7 in the world in Taekwondo. Sensei Trojanowski is a fixture who often can be found teaching out kick boxing classes.

Guest Instructors Who Have Visited Our School

Guru Dan Inosanto
At over 70 he is one of the most influential men in martial arts ever. From his training with his friend Bruce Lee (and an appearance in Lee's  movie "Game of Death") to his long list of former students that make up the who's who of the industry Dan is probably martial arts greatest teacher. 

Erik Paulson
The founder of Combat Submissions Wrestling, Erik has studied with over 40 different teachers, had a successful MMA career, trained top MMA fighters (such as Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar) and has been called one of the world's most dynamic grapplers by Dan Inosanto.


John Machado
Nephew of the sports founder, John began training 20 years ago with his cousins, "The Gracie family". He dominated BJJ from 1982 to 1990. His accomplishments include back to back championship at the Pan Am games.


Jean Jacques Machado
John's brother and is one of the most admired and accomplished grapplers in the world. Jean Jacques has captured over 30 championships including every major title in the world.


Ricco "Suave" Rodriguez
World class grappler and former UFC heavyweight Champion with over 40 MMA fights.



Benny "The Jet" Urquidez
Benny "The Jet" is probably pound for pound one of the best fighters in history. His Thai Boxing record stands at 63-0 with 57ko and includes titles in three weight classes.


Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro
Victor is one of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA's best lightweights. His record stands at 20-2 with 12 submissions and 2kos.



Peter Manfredo Sr.
Peter Sr. is a former KICK Super Welterwieght Kick Boxing Champion and an accomplished Accomplished Boxing Trainer.


Jeff Joslin
Former UFC fighter Jeff "The Inferno" Joslin has won over 200 first place titles in striking, Brazilian jiu jitsu and submission wrestling and MMA competition spanning two decades.


Alex Ricci
Kru Alex has 10 years experience in Muay Thai Kickboxing.  He spent three years in Thailand training with Lanna Muay Thai.  He has since gone on to fight 47 (33-12-2) professional fights.


Hanshi Cezar Borkowski
Shihan Brancaccio's original instructor and a 9th Degree Black Belt with more than forty years experience studying, researching and teaching martial arts.


Shihan Tony LaSelva
Shihan  LaSelva has trained in martial arts for over twenty years, has studied a variety of styles and systems, and currently holds the rank of Sixth Degree Black Belt.




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